Quebec City

2 1/2 Hour to 4-Hour Quebec City Tour

Your two and a half to four hour tour of the capital of the Province of Quebec includes the Plains of Abraham, also known as Battlefield Park, the field where the bloody battle which sealed the fate of New France took place between the armies of France and Great Britain in 1759. From atop Cape Diamond, enjoy the breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River, the artery of Quebec. Further inside the park, the beautiful Joan of Arc Gardens offer a restful opportunity to have a look at its 150 species of flowers common to Canada as well as the lovely statue of the heroic “Maid of Orleans”.

While driving along the Grande-Allée, be sure to pick out a restaurant or an outdoor café to return for a drink or a glass of wine later, it’s the hub of Quebec’s nightlife. Just outside the walls and towering above the Grande-Allée is the Quebec Parliament, an excellent example of Second Empire architecture, certainly one of the most majestic buildings in the whole city. Once inside the walls, your guide will point out several of the charming restaurants that line the picturesque streets. The city is not only the political capital of “La Belle Province”, but with the highest number of first-class eating establishments per capita in North America, it is the gastronomic capital as well!

At the center of the Old Town reigns Le Chateau Frontenac, whose striking architecture and location make it Quebec City’s trademark. The Rue du Trésor, with its artists showing their work in this narrow alley, and the baroque Notre-Dame Cathedral-Basilica, are two more sites which are sure to draw you back to this part of town.

On your way to Place Royale, you will see firsthand the steep cliff which divides the Old Town into its upper and lower halves. It is there that Samuel De Champlain founded the city in 1608. Your guide will then lead you on foot through its winding cobblestone streets, past the magnificent Quebeckers’ Fresco, a mural celebrating Quebec’s unique architecture and honouring many of the best-known figures from its history. You’ll also visit the oldest stone church north of Mexico, Notre-Dame des Victoires. Your guide will be happy to show you Quartier Petit Champlain, brimming with wonderful shops, or how to get to any of the numerous museums that dot the city.

4-Hour Sainte Anne de Beaupré Tour

Depart from your hotel with our local guide for a scenic drive to Sainte Anne de Beaupré. You will drive along the “Old King’s Road”, the oldest road in the area – over 350 years old – and will admire the beautiful old Normandy and Britanny homes. You can stop at the Manoir Montmorency, once the summer home of the Duke of Kent. Here’s a good spot to take pictures from the top of the Montmorency Falls, 1 1/2 times higher than Niagara Falls. Your tour can include a stop at Chez Marie’s outdoor bread ovens where you can taste a slice of freshly baked bread slathered in maple butter, a stop at The Albert Gilles Copper Shop where you will have the chance to view a unique set of 50 silver panels depicting the life of Christ, as well as a stop at Alphonse Pare’s Woodcarvers’ Museum where a storyteller will entertain you with animated local folk legends depicted in a 22-foot long carved mural. You will be one of the million yearly visitors to the world famous Sainte Anne Shrine, site of many miracles. On your way back into town, you will admire the St-Lawrence River, The Orlean’s Island and the Montmorency Falls, where maybe you will be one of the many to see the ghost of the “White Lady” in the falls.

This is a scenic tour highlighting the incredible 400-year history and architecture of Québec. No matter your religious affiliation, this is a must-see region – be sure to bring your camera!

(Please note that some optional stops incur extra charges.)

Full Day Tour

An all day tour consists of a city tour with the Plains of Abraham, Dufferin Terrace, the Citadel Fort, Parliament Buildings, outdoor Cafes, the walled-in city with the famous Chateau Frontenac, Place Royale and the Old Port as well as the suburbs of Quebec to Sainte Anne de Beaupré with optional stops at the Montmorency Falls, Chez Marie’s Outdoor Bread Ovens, Alphonse Pare’s Woodcarver’s Museum, The Albert Gilles Copper Shop, the Sainte Anne de Beaupré Basilica and much more…

The approximate duration is 8 hours including a 1 hour “on own” lunch stop.


From the Côte de Beaupré to the Saguenay estuary, a succession of peaks tower over narrow valleys coursed by rushing streams and gentle rivers, creating a spellbinding and occasionally forbidding landscape where cliffs sheer off to reveal an exquisite view of water curling around huge rock outcrops or cascading over waterfalls and caressing time-worn boulders. A stop at the famous Charlevoix Casino is sure to entertain people of all ages. Unique stops can include an emu farm, a cheese-maker, a maritime museum and more!

The approximate duration is 8 hours including a 1 hour “on own” lunch stop.


An incredible rendez-vous with the biggest mammals in the world! Every summer, the whales return to the very rich and fertile waters of the St-Lawrence River. After giving birth to their young in the waters of warmer climates in the winter, they find the great quantities of food they require in the estuary at the mouth of the Saguenay River.

The approximate duration is 11 hours including a stop at Charlevoix’s Casino.

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