In Ottawa, our tours run from two and a half hours to a full day. Please find below some sample programs and prices for Canada’s colourful capital.
Ottawa City Tour
During your two and a half hour tour, you will visit magnificent Parliament Hill, the centre stage of Canadian political life and a place of striking architectural beauty. During July and August you can gather there and watch the Changing of the Guard. We will stop and admire the stunning grandeur of the world famous Museum of History which also offers a wondrous panorama of the Capital City. We will show you famed Sussex Drive with its museums, churches, embassies, everything from the Royal Canadian Mint via 24 Sussex Drive, the Prime Minister’s home, to the Governor General’s residence at beautiful Rideau Hall. While driving along Rideau Canal, your guide will recount its colourful history of glory and tragedy. When available, you can get a look at the Horse Stables of the “R.C.M.P. Musical Ride” with its pampered thoroughbreds. And no trip to Ottawa would be complete without the well-known and popular Byward Market, the belly of the town. Lots to see, lots to enjoy, be sure to bring your camera!
The Tulip Festival
We can provide a special itinerary and tours during the Tulip Festival, with an emphasis on the spectacular tulip beds of over 100,000 tulips, gifts from Holland to Canada in gratitude for our part in sheltering the Dutch Royal Family during World War II. Book early as this is a very popular time to visit Ottawa.
Hog’s Back Falls

There are beautiful natural sites surrounding Ottawa including the Hog’s Back Park in Ottawa which overlooks the spectacular 60-foot Hog’s Back Falls where the Rideau River and Rideau Canal part. This urban nature park is steeped in history. During the construction of the Rideau Canal, one of the most challenging dam-building projects took place at Hog’s Back. In the Park you will find historical displays, as well as a designated heritage pavilion which has been renovated. Take a stroll through the park and enjoy its natural beauty and the views of Hog’s Back Falls and the Rideau River.

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